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176 Northcote Road
Battersea London SW11 6RE
United Kingdom

Everyone Bikes is a friendly bicycle shop on Northcote Road in Battersea, London.


Rave Review: Green Oil UK


After being in the workshop for nearly 6 months now at Everyone Bikes, I have had time to test some new products I hadn't come across before in my old bike shops, in particular Green Oil chain lube and cleaning products.

After 8 years of using other bigger brand names, it's great to see a small British company with a great product getting more and more exposure in the bike industry. I see it more now and it's 100% recyclable, made in London and environmentally friendly. Gone are the days of washing my chains in petrol and kerosene!

Green Oil Recycleable

The oils and sprays have been exceptional, almost too good. We don't have an industrial parts washer here and so I have been using the Agent Apple Degreaser to clean all the chains, cassettes and chain-sets by hand. Some bikes as you can imagine have been extremely muddy and engrained with dirt and oil, and I thought would take an age to clean and get back to a rideable state. But a small amount of Agent Apple Degreaser in a ceramic bowl and I can see some chains start to brighten immediately as I drop them in. Very gratifying.

I tend to leave it in for a couple of minutes and then with a rag clean off the dirt and degreaser. This takes a couple of wipes max, the chain-set can be also cleaned with the degreaser on a cloth and likewise the cassette sprockets, although sometimes a specially shaped brush helps here.

Green Oil Degreaser

Then I'm ready to simply put the parts back on the bike and add a few drops of Green Oil Chain Lube to the chain and hey presto :-). For the rest of the frame I simply spray the Green Clean over the whole bike and then wipe down the wheels and frame, and I'm set .

As for the CF3 spray, this is more commonly known as GT85 or WD40 in most households, and GT85 in particular is a horrible carcinogen, so I'm extremely pleased Green Oil came up with an alternative for that. CF3 does a very similar job of loosening worn parts and even makes some frames look shiny and new again.

The Eco Grease is also new to me and its been amazing in ball bearing hubs, pedals, frame bearings, bottom brackets and headsets. A really well thought out bottle shape making application easy and then the result is very smooth and has lasted well. A decent size of 100ml is also a plus I think for consumers, as grease is only used occasionally on bigger jobs and other brands only sell it in huge tubs.

As a consumer myself the prices are competing very well with the bigger brands and that's rare when something is made here in the UK. Definitely worth the money and very reliable and reasonable, I genuinely couldn't praise these products enough. 

If you're interested in any of the Green Oil products, please pop down to the shop, we'll be sure to help you out!