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176 Northcote Road
Battersea London SW11 6RE
United Kingdom

Everyone Bikes is a friendly bicycle shop on Northcote Road in Battersea, London.


Want to start cycling again? We're here to help you.


Ever since the shop opened, we've been noticing more and more women and men wanting to get back on the saddle, but being a little apprehensive. We completely understand. London roads can be very intimating and a lot of people are unsure of the 'rules of the road'. Experienced cyclists tend to laugh at this, but it really can be the reason why people aren't getting on a bike! We listened to our customers, and decided to do something about it.


Firstly, we strive to give you the absolute best customer service there is! There's nothing worse than walking into a bike shop and feeling intimidated. So we offer a friendly and reassuring bike shop environment where you can find top quality bikes and accessories, alongside quality servicing and expert advice. We like to chat to and get to know you guys, and we're always happy to go through the options and figure out together which bike suits you best.

We also know that reading other people's experiences can be a huge help when learning about a company, so please check out what our shoppers are saying here.


We provide Bike Ability Classes for everyone. We have two levels, and you can choose which is best for you. Every class is personalised to you and we will take you up to Wandsworth Common for the class.

Level 1 is designed to encourage a happy union between bike and rider, which includes braking safety, manoeuvring the bike, park etiquette, among many other skills.

Level 2 is for the cyclist who feels comfortable cycling but wants to feel more confident on the roads. You will learn clear and safe signalling, rules of the road, and more.

It costs £35 for level 1 and £50 for level 2. See all class information.

Again, we're here to help and honestly just want to help encourage anyone to get back on a bike! Feel free to give us a shout or pop down to the shop anytime! :)