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176 Northcote Road
Battersea London SW11 6RE
United Kingdom

Everyone Bikes is a friendly bicycle shop on Northcote Road in Battersea, London.


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Mariel's Favourite Clothing On The Road In Mallorca


 Fun in sun with our favourite threads

Fun in sun with our favourite threads

The last couple of weeks I’ve been in sunny Mallorca for a cycling training camp. It was such a great trip! I cycled every day, sometimes for 6 hours, and when I wasn’t on the bike I was sitting by the beach working on my tan and reading a great book.

I got to take some great products with me that we sell at the shop. A bit of Bontrager and Morvelo, with a splash of Endura. I received many compliments from cyclists at our training camp - people loved the products! And I loved them too because they served their purpose whilst looking amazing.

Here is what I brought with me:

Morvelo Blend Jersey (£60) and Bib Shorts (£90)

The colours were UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME and I really stood out from the hoards of cyclists descending on this cycling mecca of an island. The fabrics were soft and flexible and kept me dry as I cycled up one of the biggest climbs, Sa Calobra, in the sun and heat. The bib shorts are the most comfortable padded shorts I have ever owned, and I have many to choose from! The material was also very flattering and for a girl with curves there is no better news than lycra that looks good.

Endura FS260 Pro Print Mitt (£26.99)

These mitts don't have a lot of padding however I must have spent around 32 hours cycling 300 miles and my hands we fine. The mitts are a bit of a hassle to get on and off because they don’t have an extendable opening but once they’re on they feel like a second skin and the colours are gorgeous. They come in black and white, and red and white.

Bontrager Women’s Race Convertible Windshell Jacket (£64.99)

This one is a winner! It turned out to be one of the most essential items of clothing for this trip. The jacket is ultra-light so even if it was warm before the ride, I packed my jersey in case it got cool up in the mountains, which it did. The material is breathable so I never felt like I was sweaty and sticky under my clothes whilst climbing, and it kept me nice and warm when descending down at 60 kph. What sets this jacket apart is that you can unzip the sleeves to turn it into a vest, and I even used it the other way around and kept just the sleeves on (which attach at the back) to keep my arms warm.

Bontrager Specter Road Helmet

Lightweight and with lots of air vents to keep you dry! This helmet is ultra comfy and has moisture-wicking anti-microbial pads to eliminate odours. I loved the white matte colour.

The trip was awesome but it was even better because I had such great products, all available at our shop. Someone once said to me, “there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear” but it’s also the case that in great weather, great gear makes all the difference!

The perfect mountain biking kit


Mountain biking is one of my favourite past-times. Whenever I get a free weekend, I pack up my bike and head to the countryside. I was recently asked what to take on a mountain bike ride, so I've put together a list of essential mountain biking kit that we stock at Everyone Bikes and why each item is important.


  • Lightweight
  • Large water bladder inside
  • Pockets for tools, maps, phone, food, etc...
  • Small bit of protection if you do take a tumble


  • Saves repairing a hole in an inner tube, which can be fiddly and time consuming in the winter or rain.


  • Useful if something strange breaks or bends, sometimes a range of tools will help swap a bolt from another area of the bike or simply adjust saddle height.
  • Save another rider whom you may encounter on your journey.
  • Adjust brake lever position or maybe sort an issue with bent brake pads or callipers.


  • Does what is says, allows a tube to be inflated so we can ride again.


  • Great levers for taking a tyre off and patches can save a horrid walk back if you get more than one puncture between friends.


  • Can be really good after a fall, when adrenaline is making the body shake and feel a bit weird, some sugar or energy food can settle things nicely sometimes.
  • If you have one last hill and it happens to be bigger than you thought, it's a huge help to know you have a bar in the bag to give you that boost, works psychologically too .


  • Can repair a broken or twisted chain (check you have the correct one for your chain before leaving). 

*If you're interested in any of these products, or want me to personally help you out with putting together a kit, I'm happy to help! Just pop down to the shop and ask for Luke. :)

Mountain Biking: my top 5 routes near London


If you fancy a trip out to the countryside and want to have a go mountain biking (don't let the name put you off), there are a number of good spots within a two hour range from the centre of London.

1. Bedgebury Pinetum

  Bedgebury Pinetum

Bedgebury Pinetum

The first I'd recommend is Bedgebury Pinetum near Tonbridge Wells. It's just off the A24 and has an on-site bike hire shop to suit a large range of ages and sizes. Quench Cycles also offer coaching and lessons for those in need of some tips or advice on which routes to choose for your ability. There's also Go Ape nearby for younger kids and those who don't want to cycle.

The Pinetum itself is beautiful for walking with numerous picnic spots. The riding trails are graded Green (Easy), Blue (Moderate) and Red (Difficult). Signs are clearly labeled at the start and end of each section, although some attention is required to follow all the routes correctly. The trail direction is one way and overall these are quite easy trails - a good place for beginners as the terrain is predominantly flat but can be testing if doing the longer loop. Parking is around £6, but that covers the entire day.

2. Swinley Forest

 Swinley Forest

Swinley Forest

Secondly, there is Swinley Forest near Bracknell - a Forestry Commission site with Go Ape and excellent facilities, including play area and rest rooms. The car park is only £2 and the trails begin at the same place and cover a variety of distances. Red is the hardest and is only reachable once some of the blue is completed. These trails are smoother than the rougher terrain of Bedgebury Forest and will really test your confidence and commitment. Of course you can also just ride at a low speed. Swinley Forest is really good for both beginners and those with a little more experience. Remember to take water with you as all routes lead away from the shop.

3. Friston Forest

  Friston Forest

Friston Forest

Friston Forest near Eastbourne has a small bike shop on the A259 and a bike car park. The trails are always changing and are well-maintained. I've always found them easy to follow and last time I discovered new trickier trails branching off from the main lines. A map can be bought from the shop and you may be able to hire bikes (but check before you go). There are 13km of fire roads (these are simple logging, dusty roads) and mountain bike specific tracks. I'd recommend Friston Forest for more experienced riders as some trails are quite steep and generally a bit rough.

4. The Devil's Punchbowl

  The Devils Punchbowl

The Devils Punchbowl

The Devil's Punchbowl near Hindhead has a large network of trails and is a hot spot for the adventurous mountain biker. Routes can be steep and challenging but they guarantee a huge grin factor! Car parks are near Pirbright or Thursley on the A3. This is another trail for the more experienced rider.

5. Bewl Water

 Bewl Water

Bewl Water

Bewl Water has a loop around the reservoir which I've heard is good for families but can get very wet and busy during the holidays.

Other locations

Dorking in Surrey and Peaslake Village are also popular spots for serious and keen mountain bikers. The trails are not signed, so I'd advise going with someone who's been before, as the hills are steep and long and if you don't know the way then you may not fully enjoy the hills on the way down!

Some shops like Pedal and Spoke offer group rides on a Wednesday evening and some clubs will also take people out in that area, such as Redhill MTB club. Singletrack School offer guided rides and instruction for all levels of rider and base their rides in the Holmbury, Peaslake area.

North of London, I've had some lovely rides around Woburn in Buckinghamshire, but it's worth going with people who know the area, as the routes have been linked together and getting lost in the woods is easier than you think! Check out the Woburn Mountain Bike group for the latest info on trail conditions and good loops.

And remember...

Stay safe, always tell someone where you are thinking of riding and take the proper spares and supplies. The experience of exploring new areas on a bike is extremely liberating so get out and enjoy!