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Everyone Bikes is a friendly bicycle shop on Northcote Road in Battersea, London.


Trek 7.4 FX WSD Review


Trek 7.4 FX Ladies Stagger Frame £600

If you’re looking for an all-rounder bike, the Trek 7.4 FX is for you!


The Trek 7.4 FX is sturdy enough to carry weight, but light enough to nip in and out of traffic on your commute. Whether you're hoping to increase fitness or keeping up with the kids in the park, you won’t be disappointed! It’s lightweight (coming in at just over 11kg) which is very handy if you live in a flat and need to carry it upstairs.

Women's specific design

Trek have carefully considered the women’s specific design in terms of comfort. One aspect I really appreciated was the ergo grips which supported the heel of my hand, especially when standing up on the pedals. The saddle is the same one I have on my road bike; and I’ve sat comfortably for hours on it with no complaints! The key upgrade from the Trek 7.3 FX is the addition of carbon forks. This makes the bike lighter and able to absorb vibrations from the road. The tyres are slick, so there’s less rolling resistance to slow you down. This bike provides an extremely smooth ride!

Riding position and style

The riding position is upright enough to get a good view of the road, but not so upright that you can’t ramp up your speed when you want to. The brakes are also very responsive. The bike looks pretty good too, with small flashes of colour amid the ‘platinum’ coloured frame. This bike is a workhorse and, if you get it serviced regularly, it will be one of the most reliable city bikes within its price range.

Always room for improvement

One thing I felt could be improved was the number of gears. I didn’t feel that 27 gears was necessary; it could have been reduced to only two chainrings at the front, giving a total of 18 gears. This would be more than enough and save a bit of weight too (not that it particularly needs to shed weight).

My verdict

If I had the 7.4 FX, I would fit a rack and full mudguards so that I could attach some Ortlieb panniers and take the weight off my back. You can carry up to 25kg with our Bontrager racks, so there is nothing to stop you packing your laptop, a change of clothes, lunch, and some bike essentials.

What’s great about this bike is that, if you start off riding just a few miles at a time and then (inevitably) want to cycle further distances, it will cope very well with some light touring. It’s important to think about not only the type of riding that you want to do now, but also the type of riding you might want to do in the future. With this bike you're not restricted to city riding - it will comfortably take you pretty much wherever you want to go!

Key features

  • You can fit a DuoTrap S sensor to the frame if you want to keep an eye on your speed and distance via your phone, cycle computer, or GPS unit.
  • There are rack and mudguard mounts on the frame so you can load up the bike and stay dry during the winter.
  • The bike comes with Bontrager Hard-Case Lite tyres to reduce the likelihood of punctures. Perfect for commuters who haven't got the time to fix puncture on the way to work!

The Trek 7.4 FX WSD is available at Everyone Bikes in both stagger and WSD frame styles and sizes ranging from 15" to 20". The RRP is £600.