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Everyone Bikes is a friendly bicycle shop on Northcote Road in Battersea, London.


Ladies, why padded shorts ARE important to own


This is a very sensitive subject for some people and it’s completely understandable. Why would we want to wear unflattering lycra showcasing the bits we want to hide the most? And why would we ever want to wear a giant pad between our legs? However, as we become more serious in our cycling, especially when we start doing longer distance rides, comfort wins over beauty hands down. If you’ve ever had a case of saddle sore you will understand exactly what I mean!

Padded shorts will make that long ride on the bike bearable. This applies to training rides, road and off road rides and commuting. As a general rule of thumb I would use padded shorts for any ride that lasts longer than an hour.

Women specific padded shorts

A women specific padded short is key because women have very different anatomy than men and require support in the right places when sitting on a saddle. These shorts have pockets in padding that combine to offer range of movement and comfort, and reduce saddle abrasion and sores. And yes, they are meant to be worn without underwear. We also stock padded underwear for men and women that you can wear under your regular clothes.

Non-Bib or Bib short

Options can be a standard lycra short (non-bib short) or can be held up by suspenders (bib short). Some reasons for using bib shorts are: the shorts stay up in the right position, there is no elastic tightening around the waist so they are more comfortable, and they look better on the bike because they become less baggy when sitting. Women specific bib-shorts have a suspender running through the middle of the torso (to make room for the girls) as opposed to men’s which have two suspenders running alongside the front. One key drawback for ladies using bib shorts is when it's time to ‘powder our nose.’

We stock padded shorts for both men and women. Here are a selection of what we have in the shop now.

Endura Women’s 8 panel shorts in black, £34.99. Cool max technology transports moisture away from the body, keeping you cool and dry. 

Endura Men’s 6 panel shorts in black, £24.99.

Endura Women’s 8 panel wicking mesh antibacterial undershorts, £17.99. Can be worn under normal clothes and are ideal for commuting. 

Endura Women’s Meryl Knicker, £44.95. Loose fit with yoga knee.

Morvelo Women’s racing bib-shorts, £90. Different designs to choose from.

Overall, a padded short - bib or non-bib - is an essential component in any cyclist’s wardrobe! If you are riding for over an hour you will definitely benefit from using one. Please pop down to the shop if you have any questions or want to go over our range. I'm here to help!