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176 Northcote Road
Battersea London SW11 6RE
United Kingdom

Everyone Bikes is a friendly bicycle shop on Northcote Road in Battersea, London.


Summer Cycle Style


Looking cool for Summer is always a must in my book! Luckily, we've got an amazing range of bikes and accessories to keep you stylish and comfy when you ride. I've put together some of our favourite and most popular products for the perfect Summer cycling ensemble.

Summer Cycling

1. Bike baskets are a must! For me, I always want the option of putting my purse, bag or groceries in a basket while riding... I never know what I'll be picking up while I'm out and about. This summer I'm really enjoying this New York Front Crate basket from Bobbin. It's unique, a little retro and very practical. The basket is supported from underneath meaning you can fill it up with everything from wine to a picnic basket for those long lazy summer days spent in the park.

2. Ortlieb bags are amazing. They are durable, water protective and fit more than you can ever imagine. I'm a big fan of the red - it brings a POP of colour while riding.

3. In the past month or so, we've added Bobbin Bicycles to the shop - and what a popular range of bikes! The ladies love these bikes because they are stylish, practical and affordable. I personally love this Bobbin Bramble in Matt Blue, the salmon coloured Bobbin Girl Scout is also a favourite and gets many admiring glances! Cyclists really enjoy the vintage appeal and sleek design.

4. Vulpine is an amazing brand and they haven't disappointed with their Women's Summer Shorts. The colour is spot on and they are incredibly comfortable. A great investment for any type of female cyclist, you will really have these for the rest of your life!

5. Anthony Oram is a cool dude and he makes cool cycle accessories. This t-shirt is just plain cool.

6. I always like to top off my bike with a funky bell, it reminds me of my childhood! We've got a big box full of these amazing little bells from silver to blue to black.

7. This gold reflective helmet from Bobbin is super sleek. If you want to be noticed, this is the helmet for you. This helmet is proving popular in style magazines, so we're bang on trend right now!

If you're interested in any of these items, please pop down to the shop! We've got a great range of clothing sizes, and of course you can test ride any bike you'd like. :) 

Happy Summer Everyone! X